Career and Life: an Inside Job

Coaching Women With Families to Achieve a Purpose Driven Career for Life Fulfilment by Looking Deeply Into Their Values, Assessing Different Life Areas and Giving Them Concrete Action Plans to Achieve Measurable Progress in Their Dream Career Along With Work-life Balance in 6 Weeks.

Who Are We?

Not getting the role or promotion we wanted, feeling undervalued and stuck in the current role, being constantly on the go with no time to stop and enjoy quality time with family left us drained, with many a sleepless night and ensuing health issues.

We realised that our values did not align with that of our organisations and life was becoming a vicious cycle of monotony. How long could we go on like this?

Only we could change this!

Through various coaching tools, we identified our purpose and mission and decided to take a leap of faith and set up our own coaching company to help other women in similar situations to us achieve their dream career and life balance.

About Our Program


Who It Is For?

UKAN works with women with families who feel unhappy, undervalued and struggling to find a purpose in their career.

UKAN works with them to find a purpose driven career that gives them holistic life fulfillment.

These are women already in careers.


Who It Is Not For?

If you are not willing to be open minded and honest with yourself then this is not for you.

If you are not willing to do the work required, then this program will not work for you.

There is no specific career guidance given during this program.

Module One

Mindset Foundation


  • Recognize the top 5 reasons for unfulfillment that have crept into your work life.
  • Recognizing if the cause and effect is external or internal, based on where you are at now and correspondingly aligning to where you want to be.
  • Create a strong mission statement that encompasses the real transformation you want in your life in terms of your dream career.


You have been in the same career for 10+ years and in the same role. Have you ever thought, “I feel stagnant, I am bored and I don’t know what else to do.” Everything is changing……managers and people around you are changing and moving forwards, upwards or sideways. You can do the same! Stop and listen to your inner voice. Through this course, we will work with you through mindset exercises to understand your feelings and where they stem from. This will create a clearer picture to enable you to visualise your new future.

Module Two

Know Thyself


  • Discover the top 5 elements that are most important to you in a career.
  • Uncover your strengths, development areas, opportunities and challenges to increase your awareness of your capabilities using the unique SDOC technique.


If you stop and consider what you know and have achieved, you will realise your successes. When was the last time you really reflected? When was the last time you considered what is important to you? Knowing your own values can be like a roadmap to success. You have many skills and capabilities and probably many that you didn’t know you possess.

In this module you will walk away with the tools to reflect on your achievements and focus on your growth, progression and opportunities for your future career.

Module Three

Balancing Act


  • Recognise the top 3 areas of your life that are impacted by your unfulfilled career.
  • Develop the awareness of the time spent on each area identified, so that you can make a clear assessment of the choice you want to make going ahead regarding each of these areas based on where you want to be.
  • Based on the above realization create a 3 Stage (Short-term, Mid-Term and a Long-Term) Plan that will break down the steps and make your ideal work/life balance with your dream career in mind achievable and tangible.


Have you fallen out of sync in your work and life? You spend more time at work than at home and feel guilty that you do not get enough time with your family. You wonder how it has come to this! You loved your career initially and even when you had a family, it was running smoothly at first. Then the workload increased, there was an expectation to stay at work longer, the commute ate into the day too, leaving no time to have fun and really relish time with the family.

In this module you will explore all areas of your life, look at the boundaries and re-design it. It will give you a sense of what kind of balance works for you and your family through specific steps. Please understand that this will require work from you and perhaps a conversation with your family to help you along. You will get a realization and a way forward to a positive future.

Module Four

Believe UKAN


  • Recognize the top 3 reasons that are stopping you from taking actions towards your dream.
  • Transform these reasons through techniques that will equip you for life and strengthen your confidence and belief to make you self-reliant.


You are in your comfort zone…you know your work inside out and can do it with your eyes closed. And your financial needs are met. But you feel unhappy, undervalued and tired of the ‘same old’. You are often in tears as you are sidelined.

Do you wonder what you are worth? Do you ever feel that you have lost confidence to start something new or different? Do you question what you are doing there and if there is anything for you out there?

This module will help you challenge your self-belief, why you sabotage yourself and the motivation for your choices. We will use techniques that will change your limiting beliefs and give you your sense of self.

Module Five

Lift Off


  • Discover 3 options to progress towards your dream career
  • Identify the option that most resonates with your values and your mission statement
  • Design the Dream Career Action Plan that encompasses all the steps that are needed to embark on your new path.


Hillel the Elder famously said “If not now, when? If not you, who?”

Now is the right time to take the reins and forge your own path. In this module, we will work with you to create the path you desire. You already know what you don’t want, so let us start working on what you do want NOW!

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