Challenging and Resilience Stories With Ms.urvina Shah

Financial Crisis, Health issues, workplace change, Disasters!!! Life is full of tough challenges. Many of them are unexpected and many of them are difficult to overcome. You need inner strength, effective coping skills and support to overcome these difficulties.

Bouncing back from these setbacks is Resilience.

DoctorGko Podcast Season 2 Challenging & Resilience stories with Ms.Urvina Shah ,England

She is a Beautiful Mother of 3 children, a clinical practice Educator, Therapeutic Radiographer, Traumatic Practitioner , a Badminton Enthusiast, Career Coach. She is expertise in Empowering women to unleash their Ambitions.

Co-founder of U-KAN coaching

“To Live Life not making perfect but imperfectly perfect” – Urvina Shah

Sharing here, her Podcast Interview

Some of the Highlights & Notable points during the Conversation:

Joyous moments:

Her joyous days was spending time with her mother’s last few days of her life. Whole family reunited and there was a blossom of re-relationship with her siblings.

She had learnt from her mother, “How you can die with dignity?!!”

Here, she had narrated about her mother, her strength and her profession and how Urvina realised the fact “Live the life with no regrets”

Watch & Listen this episode, you will come to know the powerful story

Challenging Event , Emotions carried during that difficult time and becomes more Resilient…

“You don’t really appreciate how many people do, until you are in that Position”- Urvina Shah

When she came to know about her Daughter’s learning difficulty, she was imbalanced, Angered and felt guilty that whether she had done anything wrong during pregnancy or post partum period.

Parenting is hard enough, that was a challenging period for her since she had to manage 3 children and everyone was below 6yrs of age.

“If I have a problem, first thing I used to do is arm myself with Knowledge and then find out the solution”– Urvina Shah.

Wonderful attitude, right?

This couple was talking out their daughter’s challenge , letting out, planning and talking to people who went through..

This period made them a better parent , whole family including the kids support each other and appreciate the differences.

When she started sharing and talking with people and getting ideas, she realised the point..Point of acceptance!!

“When I started accepting myself, I started to heal”– Urvina Shah.

Breakthrough/ Turning Points…

In 2005, when she picked her daughter from school, her school principal narrated about her daughter’s challenge and insisted them to change the school…

This made her to turn herself into a Coach. How? How she had carried that circumstances..

Above all, Her daughter is doing great now!!

Listen the episode to know the important lessons in life.

Final Note to Audience:

Take responsibilities and be the role model for your kids..

“Vitamin F”

And many wonderful life lessons, she had shared with us. Listen the entire episode you will be amazed and understand the reality of life and how to be resilient.

“Try to live out of comfort zone, from there Learning Occurs”– Urvina Shah.

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